Shipping Terms and Conditions

General Shipping

The general rate, including FREE SHIPPING, offered for most purchases made with us, is sent through FedEx. Shipments that qualify for the general rate are always made using the FedEx International Priority option. The minimum quantities required to access free shipping and the general rate are outlined in the following table:

Conditions to qualify for the general shipping rate:

  • The purchase should not exceed a value of USD 10,000. Alternatively, purchases with a higher value can be divided into several shipments to meet that limit.
  • Have delivery approval from the FedEx security department. At the time of the quote, we request the complete delivery address, including the zip code. If this approval is not achieved, there is usually a last-mile restriction, meaning that the merchandise must be picked up at the FedEx office determined by the security department. In any case, this information will be clarified prior to the formal sending of the quote by Fairalloy.
  • Not be classified as dangerous goods, in which case other rates apply.

Delivery time:

The usual delivery time is 1 to 3 business days, counted from the time of shipment.

Place of delivery:

For the general rate, delivery is made to the location defined by the buyer, unless there is a last-mile restriction.

Taxes at destination and customs:

Customs clearance is carried out by FedEx at the destination. It is important that the information provided at the time of purchase is accurate to avoid delays during this process. Most destinations that apply for the general rate, including the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom, have a 0% tariff for shipments from Colombia. The collection of VAT, VAT, GST, or equivalent depends on the specific tax characteristics of the buyer in the destination country, and this tax will be collected and paid.

High-Value Shipments or Shipments to Regions Not Covered by General Shipping

When the shipping amount is very high and splitting the purchase into multiple shipments is not a viable option, or when the FedEx service cannot be used to make deliveries to the buyer’s region, a quote will be made through Brinks Securities carrier. The price and conditions of the service will be reported in the quote.

Shipment of Dangerous Goods

Products such as Gold Potassium Cyanide or similar, considered dangerous goods, do not qualify for the general shipping rate. The price and conditions of this service will be informed in the quote.