Fairmined Silver Pricing


• These prices apply for payments via direct wire transfer.
• Reference prices valid on 2024/07/19.
• Price for Fine or Sterling silver is the same.
• Shipping availability is always verified prior to the quote. The full address of the destination, including the zip code, is always required.
• In the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the European Union the tariff is zero. In other regions duties may apply. Other taxes such as VAT or customs costs are borne by the buyer.
• The listed price is indicative; for order placement, please inquire for a customized quote ensuring price and product availability.

To place an order please email us at info@fairalloy.eco or use the quotation form.



Why is the premium for Fairmined silver much higher percentage-wise than the premium for Fairmined gold?

Due to the significantly lower base price of silver compared to gold (90 times less), the costs associated with the segregated production required by the Fairmined standard and the logistics of collection are proportionally much higher. Typically, the costs linked to silver refining are spread across hundreds of kilograms to several tons. However, in our case, we refine only a few kilograms per batch.